Preservation of The Milford Powerhouse

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Restoring the Milford Powerhouse

The project includes several phases:
     -     exterior and interior restoration;
     -     site improvements;
     -     interpretation of Milford's place in early automotive history; and
     -     hydroelectric power generation.
Exterior restoration was completed in 2006, funded by local, state and national donors (for a list of donors, see How to Help on this site). The work was completed to U.S. Department of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation: all materials duplicate the original as closely as possible. The existing  asbestos was abated, window flashing repaired, new windows, sills and glass block installed, and extensive brick work done. As part of this phase, a new quarry-tile floor and observation windows were installed where the origianl generators stood .
Interior restoration has begun with the installation of new iron stairwell railing and hand rail . At this point the directive from Milford Village Council (the Village owns the Powerhouse building) is to ready the building for a tenant whose business is compatible with parks and recreation zoning requirements.
A professional plan for site improvements has been rendered that will compliment the simplicity and stature of the building and provide a sponsor supported  brick signature walk to the building.
Interpretation of the building's use and place in history, locally and regionally, is an important aspect of preserving the building. Interpretive signage, map/brochures, guided tours and other materials are being developed to tell the many stories related to the building: Henry Fordís Village Industries, Milford workers, the Art Deco architectural style and hydroelectric power generation.
To again be able to produce electricity where Henry Ford first demonstrated the possibilies of renewable energy is a goal that is timely as well as economically important. To this end a hydroelectric feasibility study has been done and experts in the field are working with the committee to realize this goal.


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