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Interior Renovation Planned

Interior restoration, has also been started.  To date a new quarry-tile floor has been installed and observation windows on the floor as well as a new guardrail on the stairwell and some temporary electrical lighting.  We are seeking funds (or in-kind donations) for the following:
Interior Restoration & Site Work

Handrail & Guardrail at Main Stair (Completed)      

Handrail & Guardrail in Basement (Unfunded) $5,000
Electrical Service & Interior Electrical Work (Unfunded)   $33,000
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (Unfunded)       $15,000
Plumbing (Unfunded) $10,000
Toilet Room Construction (Unfunded) $10,000
Painting (Unfunded) $5,000
Trash Rack at Intake Structure (Unfunded) $10,000
Turbine & Piping Repairs (Unfunded) $11,000
Water & Sewer Service (Unfunded) $40,000
Natural Gas Service (Unfunded) $5,000
Site Work (Unfunded) $10,000


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