Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station's Place in History

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Aerial View of Village of Milford - 1930's

Milford's Upper Mill Pond, created by a dam in 1845, became the site of the 12th  Ford Village Industry when the Ford Carburetor Factory was built in 1938.
Milford's Powerhouse, historically the Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station, is one of only a few buildings in southeast Michigan that remains from this interesting experiment. The striking silhouette of this restored Art Deco building will stand to tell an important story of local and regional history.
The Powerhouse project is associated with the National Auto Heritage, which was created by an act by the U.S. Congress in 1998.  Milfordís Powerhouse is part of the National Heritage mission to preserve and interpret the regionís automotive heritage as well as encourage tourism to southeast Michigan.


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