Exterior and Interior Renovation

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Exterior Renovation Complete

The 1939 Art Deco structure has undergone extensive brick repair, asbestos abatement, window flashing repair, massive new window and sill installation, new glass block and power washing of the entire exterior.   
In 2005 with support from the community, private and government grants, Phase I was completed with the $246,000 exterior restoration of the building to U.S. Department of Interior Standards for Restoration and Preservation. No longer a bricked-up, graffiti marred façade, the Powerhouse now stands as a distinctive reminder of Henry Ford's Village Industry and his association with the renown architect, Albert Kahn. It will be a focal point of pride in Milford's Central Park and offer an opportunity to tell the little known story about automotive history in a rural community.
“The success of the project to this point was only possible because of a three-way partnership and a broad base of community support,” explains Ann Barnette, DDA Director. “The partners, Village of Milford (owner of the building), the Milford Historical Society and Milford's DDA shared the vision that gave the project momentum,” she adds. From that base, the financial support to complete Phase I- Exterior Renovation came in many forms, from a $200,000+ grant to the children and families who donated $40 each to “Paint- a- Tile” for the Powerhouse.

Exterior Restoration Pictures



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